Planning a floorplan to suit your lifestyle (part 1)

//Planning a floorplan to suit your lifestyle (part 1)

Planning a floorplan to suit your lifestyle (part 1)


Planning your dream home can be such an exciting event. So exciting, in fact, that we get so swept up in the style of the home that we forget to consider how easily we’ll step through it. Before you get carried away in the visuals of your dream home, let’s take a look at the vitals: layout and floor plan.


Size: up or down?

In most cases, we design Wellington homes that are bigger than the ones our clients are currently living in.

If you’re wanting to upsize your home, we can absolutely arrange that – especially if you’ve got an expanding family with more rooms to fill. Spaces you’ll generally want to increase are the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom.

In some cases, folks find that they’ve been living a little too big for their liking, and they’d like to downsize to something a little more cozy. You might have a nest empty of chicks, and rather than maximising on ample rooms and space, you’ll be able to settle into something more suited to your personal style and needs. Rather than lots of little bedrooms, you might like to ‘downsize’ to one big master bedroom, and a simple guestroom.


Entertaining the idea of entertainment

When it comes to planning a floor plan, your social life comes into play more vitally than you might think. If your home hosts a lot of merry gatherings, then there are some floor plan factors you’ll certainly need to focus on with your Wellington architect.

There are :

  • A deck for outdoor entertaining
  • A pool area, and easy access to a changing room from said pool area
  • Multiple living rooms, one for family and one for adult guests to wine and dine
  • An open-plan kitchen, dining and living area for easy flow and communication between these spaces
  • A guest bedroom or sleepout for visitors

If playing host isn’t a regular happening for you, and perhaps you’re more on the introverted side, the your home should be considered your private haven. We’ve got a few ideas to maximise on the ‘cosy factor’ of your home’s floor plan:

  • A cosy library or study space; either a dedicated room or a nook by a window or under the stairs
  • Placing your bedroom in a private area away from your entrance and living room
  • A private master bathroom, kitted out with a bath: your own personal retreat



Watch this space later this month for part 2 of our floor plan process: find out what you can do to effectively ‘dream up’ the ideal floor plan of your dream home!

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