Meeting your Wellington Architect: Part 2

//Meeting your Wellington Architect: Part 2

Meeting your Wellington Architect: Part 2


In our last blog we emphasized the importance of clear, concise communication between homeowners-to-be and Wellington architects. Mutual understanding of the full house concept must be achieved with zero error before your dream home can become a reality. This means that the planning stage needs to be awarded ample time and provided with plenty of detail, so it’ll benefit both yourself and your Wellington house designer if you know what you’ll need to bring to your meetings, and how you ought to communicate your ideas.

Let’s take a look at a few more valuable communication tips for you to take on going forward with your Wellington house design…


Multi-dimensional thinking

We’re about to get a little Science Fiction on you. If you look down at an architect’s drawing and just don’t ‘get’ it…that’s totally fine! We live and breathe these drawings, so we don’t expect anyone without any architectural drawing experience to just magically read our somewhat mathematical ‘house maps’.



If you’re not seeing the house when you look at an architectural drawing, then we have the marvelous technological wonder that is 3D drawings to show you your plan in a more tangible medium. Walk through the design on a virtual tour; enter through your future front door and explore the flow of your layout in beautifully rendered detail. Not liking the way something is or isn’t working? No problem! We’re still in the planning stage of your project so feel free to put forward your thoughts and feelings – great or small. We’d prefer you voice your concerns earlier so that you won’t find yourself wasting money during the building process.


Lastly, come fully loaded with visuals!

At any given meeting, we’d love for you to come prepared with pictures of your favorite architectural examples. Seeing a visual example of your preferences will help us achieve an outcome closer to your ideal design than what might have been conveyed verbally. We’ll do our best to bring you your ‘house goals’ within your budget, and we love seeing our clients get passionate about the possibilities discussed in a meeting with a Wellington architect.


Keen to set up a meeting with the team at Moore Architecture? Get in contact today to take the first step toward your beautiful new home – designed just for you, and considering you every step of the way!

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