Meeting your Wellington Architect: Part 1

//Meeting your Wellington Architect: Part 1

Meeting your Wellington Architect: Part 1


When it comes to designing a special space in which you intend to live, there’s no room for error or discomfort. Designing your home requires personal input and precision. You should never have to ‘live with’ a dream home that’s anything but dreamy.

So how do we achieve this perfect home, and how do we secure it before we’ve given the green light to any one of our tradesmen? It all comes down to clear, comfortable, concise communication…a little something that we pride ourselves on here at Moore Architecture.


When you approach the team at Moore Architecture to discuss designing your Wellington home, you’re getting professional skill and customer service in equal portions. An architect might be good at their job, but if communication is lacking then the entire project is compromised for inevitable lack of clarity. Understanding is important: both homeowner-to-be and architect need to grasp the full concept of the property before it can be built.



So, while our team of Wellington architects can offer you premium customer service and the assurance of a well-rounded communication system, what can you bring to the briefing? This month, we’ll be looking at a few practical tips that’ll help you translate your awesome home ideas into each meeting with your architect.

Let’s begin!


Baby steps

Designing a Wellington home is all kinds of exciting, but let’s take baby steps! We don’t want to miss a single vital step in the process, no matter how keen either of us are to get to the architectural drawing. The conceptual stage is multi-levelled but refreshingly vague. You can keep things pretty ‘up in the air’, so it’s recommended that you don’t have your heart set on too many abstract details while we work our way through the initial home idea.

A couple of confirmed factors you should bring to this first-step meeting: an idea of how you intend to travel through your home (room to room), and an idea of how you’d like your spaces to relate to one another (open plan or sectioned spaces).

Pro tip: picture the journey you’d make at the end of a workday through your home to achieve the perfect floorplan ‘journey’. Would you instantly head to the kitchen for a snack, or would you head to your bathroom for a shower? Thinking about this concept will help us build your ideally located rooms in order of priority and practicality.

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